Thursday, 12 May 2011

Male Erotic Power

Think back to your early adolescence. Do you remember how it felt to feel attracted to a woman, or what it was like to score a goal, or perform a piece of music? Do you remember the first time you listened to Smells Like Teen Spirit, or read Catcher In the Rye? It wasn't just a rush was it? It was a full blown religious experience, one which your environment gave you no support to process. One which, whether you know it or not, scared you out of being your mother's son, and gave you the idea that you might be more than you thought you ever could be.

It is this experience that I call testosterone. It is the thrust of evolution in your veins. Some people call it eros. I call it EROTIC.

One of the biggest hurdles to understanding masculinity, is understanding that male erotic urges are far more than simple desires for bodily friction. Masculine sexuality has been cut off from itself, and I would contend that this was actively done, by a medieval religious culture that sought to control masses of people. This is where sin comes from. The idea of sin, makes you ashamed of your power. Eve is evil, because she catalyzes the adventurous, erotic spirit in us. This is something that the medieval mind could not tolerate.

The truth is that your sexuality is more than just your penis. It is your life force, the guiding intuition about your identity and your place in the world. It is the spirit of creativity that makes you shape your world and manifest your heart's desire.

In a word, your sexuality is your VISION, about what is possible, about who you are, and how you fit in to your environment. Masculinity is in a state of crisis, because for so long now, we have been cut off from the true power of this energy. It is not surprising, because it is the power of thunder. It is the gift of life itself, the holy grail.

It is my feeling that it is a lot harder to cut women off from this experience of power, simply because their reproductive cycles, and their actual experiences of giving birth, give them a first had tangible connection to this energy. So, the same medieval culture that repressed the male sexuality, also did
everything in its power to make women second class citizens. Some cultures actually revered women, for exactly the same reason – their intimate connection to the essence of life.

But both these are misconceptions of womanhood, and both are rooted in underestimating the masculine energy. If men were truly aware of their potential, if they truly understood the nature of their sexuality, and society provided a context in which that sexuality could be channeled in its infinite possibilities, then I guarantee, there would be no more subjugation of women. And there would be no more over-sanctifying of the feminine either.

In an instant, we could do away with the battle of the sexes, the abuse, the violence and social oppression that has become our experience. We would realise that our differing hormonal make-ups are simply subtle distinctions in how life itself manifests its power. From this understanding we would realise that we truly are equal. That we are actually one and the same entity, manifesting itself in various creative and fascinating directions, and the potential for innovating new expressions of this energy is infinite.

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