Friday, 30 July 2010

Self-esteem - footnote

No one can have power over you if your power is not objectified. That is, if your sense of self is not attached to perishable things like conventional beauty, riches or public opinion. As soon as your sense of self-worth is tied to something outside of yourself, then you are a slave. And seeking to be in the powerful side of this dynamic is still slavery, as Nietzsche would have said.
This is all veering into psycho-babble and I am conscious of that. But a little depth of thought never did anyone any harm, so frankly, deal with it. Suffice to say that the only way you can avoid depression or being beholden to others, is if your sense of self is connected to something other than the material. I am not necessarily talking about air-fairy hippy stuff here either. But let me stew on it for a while and I will elaborate.

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