Monday, 22 November 2010

Get in Touch With Your Femininity

Feminists, the modern woman’s movement, likes to think it has a prerogative on the Goddess. It likes to think of itself as having a direct connection that men do not have, a divine quality that is the opposite of masculinity.

This is a gross simplification of the forces of nature. Women indeed DO have a direct connection that men do not have. But I have news for you all – men have one too, and it has nothing to do with women. It does, however, have everything to do with the Goddess, with femininity.

As usual, I am shunning any debate about ontology or metaphysics regarding the properties of “masculinity” or “femininity”. Such a debate betrays a complete misunderstanding of the nature of language. There is nothing denoted. Or to put it in Fregean terms, there is only sense, no reference. Language is an art form. All language extends from metaphor, from, dare I say it, poetry. This may strike you as controversial. But the philosophers among you will know in your heart of hearts that the most successful philosophy of language has always embraced this rather uncomfortable truth. I’m thinking here of Quine, Wittgenstein, to name but a few. All language is metaphor. Deal with it.

The best we can hope for is the chaotic unknowing that emerges from a freedom of meaning. All mysticism is a form of embracing this truth, and once embraced, the mind is truly enlightened. Don’t believe me? I recommend a good dose of David Hume.

Anyway, so now I have that out the way, I would like to get back to my point. Yes. I agree with the feminist movement on a whole host of things. The earliest feminists are truly the heroes of modern democracy and liberty. I especially condone all forms of civil disobedience. Without civil disobedience, we do not have a genuine civil society. Again, this rather outlandish statement is far from being without philosophical precedent.

One thing I disagree with some brands of feminism on, however, is the nature of femininity. Feminine energy is not exclusively a woman’s domain. In fact, without it, all expression of genuine masculinity are damaged, wounded, and inauthentic. Masculinity, in my view, is just a sacred brand of the all encompassing energy of the Goddess. But I’m a fucking poet and I would say something like that. Nevertheless I think it is true.

Now guys, I am asserting something rather tired and trite sounding here: we must get in touch with our femininity. However, don’t think I am recommending using hair products and watching Sex in the City with your girlfriends. Fuck all that. No. Something you should know about the Goddess, is that she is ten times the warrior Achilles is. Her eyes are like two Hindu suns. Her beauty blinds you, it does not sit well in your dreams. The true nature of the Goddess is a kind of supreme mystic violence. The Goddess is no stranger to bloodshed, to darkness and loneliness. She wrote the book on all of this.

So, when I say we need to get in touch with our femininity, don’t be fooled. I mean we have to complete the quest for our true identities as men. The warrior poet, MUST be both warrior AND poet. If he is just a warrior, then he is indeed nothing more than a pathological force in his community. If he is just a poet – well he is no real poet at all. All true poetry is poetry in motion. #

The Goddess is an essential aspect of your masculinity. Without your connection to her, you are no man at all. And your connection is personal, it has nothing to do with women, it is a connection nurtured in the loneliness of the night. As men, we must earn it, rediscover it, and when we have done so, we can access it. Then and only then do we become true men.

True masculinity then, is a form of deep sensitivity. It is essentially paradoxical. It is an expression of the feminine, the natural energy of the moon. But it is one that expresses itself in guises, in contradictions and physical surprises that are particular to men. Our bodies are hard, and our natures are materialistic. Our drives are ten times harder than those of women. However, when we’ve integrated the Goddess, we create a unique form of emotional expression, a gentleness that is resilient, that is complete in and of itself, and which is, if nothing else, really fucking beautiful.

Let me give you an example from the land of sports. David Haye, the UK’s own World Heavyweight Champion is an example of someone who, at least within the ring, has embraced the feminine. That is, he has learned to discipline his courage, his forthright spirit, so that he can remain acutely sensitive to his opponents. It is this sensitivity that allows him to perform balletic feats of defensive boxing in a division of the sport which has all but lost this art. A true warrior must embrace his femininity if he is to be successful, and if he is to maintain a diligent respect for his opponent.

Outright violence, then, becomes a rare event indeed. What we see, whether in the sporting arena or on the battlefield, is a controlled ritualistic dance, a battle of spirits, rather than blood. The art of war then, is truly the art of peace. Because when a warrior has learned to stay soft, resilient, and, as the Taoist says, like a branch of bamboo in the wind, then he is able to adapt and advance, and maintain poise in the face of violent outbursts.

What we see today, on the other hand, and this is what most feminists would call “masculinity,” is the infantile tantrums of boyish petulance governing our politics, our industry and our cultural evolution. I don’t call this essentially male, however. I call this bullshit. It is the difference between late Mike Tyson and early Mike Tyson. It is the difference between Athens and Sparta, between victory and defeat.

We are the keepers of the Madonna’s wrath. It is not a punishing wrath, but a poetic force, the concentrated energy of survival. And by the way, what I call the Goddess, is just life in all its explosiveness. It is John Coltrane, it is the wind that rules the sand. Without men, there is no Goddess. You, as a man, are an essential aspect of the Goddess. You are her body.

So, getting in touch with your femininity is not some pussy-assed platitude. It is an essential part of your masculine development, one which society still doesn’t want you to know about. Because if you did, then you would no longer need to serve its institutions by your conditioned insecurities, you enslavements to consistently compensating for a perceived lack in your make up.

The Goddess, needs you to express your prowess as a man. She wants you to assert yourself and to unleash the fury of your heart. She wants to see all your masculine powers in full flaming colour. Your masculinity is not some emergent, diseased narcissism, or an aberration of the feminine. Your feathers are coloured differently from women’s. Your beauty is in your movements.

Reclaim your femininity and you reclaim your masculinity.

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