Monday, 20 September 2010

Sexy in Six

I fucked up. For the last two weeks I have been totally out of the routine. I did manage some cardio, but resistance training went to fuck completely. But I am back. I have just completed day 1. I actually completed it this time. Last time I didn't, so this is the real thing.
I weigh 13.6 stone. That's 86 Kgs, something like just under 190 pounds I think. This is way, way too much for a guy my height, even though I am stocky, built like a farmer's son. Still, far too much weight. But the goal is the same. I am not bothered about weight. It is body fat that really concerns me. Tomorrow I am going to a pharmacy to see if they will give me a percentage figure to work with. I'll keep you posted.
Suffice to say, that today's training was grueling. My sister is also doing the program, so I will have to check how she found it. I am exhausted, and I can feel my muscles in a state of shock. However, I am genuinely looking forward to a bit of cardio tomorrow.
I am not looking at the last two weeks as a failure. I am viewing them as a necessary part of the experience. You have to test your limitations before you can overcome them, I guess. The lazy fat kid is still a very dominant energy in my mental make-up. This is really what the whole thing is about - eliminating this pattern. Reprogramming the networks.
To that end I have established a new pattern. My friends call me Jack. The little fat boy used to be called Jamie. I now introduce you to James Black. Poet, journalist, novelist and warrior. You'll know him when you see him. He's slim, toned, casually well-dressed and a very successful artistic professional. He's always smiling. And he gives off a mature, masculine energy. No bullshit. He is so happy in his own skin he doesn't even think twice about it. He probably doesn't even read this blog.

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