Wednesday, 1 September 2010


After all that angry energy in my post the other day, I have to confess that I have been slacking from my fitness program. So, as my first penance, I have published my start photo. Now that it is in the public domain, I'm going to have to train. You've all seen me (almost) naked. There's nothing I can do about it now.
The other part of my penance is to double up my training tomorrow. This means doing a resistance and cardio workout. I am a busy guy right now, so this is going to be tough. But again, no choice. I have already had my assed facebook-kicked by Sabrina, and it wasn't fun, guys, I can tell you. She called me a slacker. I'm going to prove her wrong.
The third part of my penance is to train on Sunday. Normally this is the day off, but since I have messed up, I'm going to have to forego this.
So there you have it. These are my rather embarrasing updates. I am a lazy, slacking ass hole. The farthest cry from a warrior poet. However, a true samurai would not navel gaze, he'd just get on with it, wouldn't he? That's what I intend to do. I am going to stick to my routine by getting up early tomorrow. I write first, breakfast, then work, then break for yoga. I like to do yoga before any other workouts because it tunes me in. Mentally and physically. Then I have to finish packing before my move to London.
I am telling you all this because the little pussy inside me has a great many excuses for slacking off. But the real challenge is going to be what I call "banjo-mind." This is the part of me that will fight any change, which will use anxiety and worry as a way of avoiding the challenge,and which will do anything in its power to resist self-improvement. It is the little child, which throws a tantrum any time something is difficult, scary or new.
Don't get all high mighty chaps. I know you have this too. The little boy inside that wants his mama and wants to sabotage anything that will get in the way. The trick, I suppose, is to understand this little guy. If we punish him too much, he'll just keep throwing his tantrums, but if we are too lax with him, he'll just go on taking the piss. You have to lay down the law, but reward him for his efforts. We all have this little kid in us, it's just a matter of taking control and taking responsibility.
Anyway, this is all very wise of me. But there is no replacement for sweating your balls off. My cardio is going to include running and martial arts practice. My resistance training will be non-equipment based for now - so that means press ups, sit ups, squats all that stuff.
And one of the really important things about the Sexy in Six program is the nutrition. I think this has sabotaged me a lot in the past. In fact, I know it has. I have already made some changes, cutting out dairy, drinking more water, but there again, the banjo-mind likes to eat, so this is going to be a challenge and half.
I will keep you posted on my progress.

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