Monday, 30 August 2010

Game Day - it starts here motherfuckers.

So, I have signed up for a new fitness program. It is called Sexy in Six Weeks and it has been designed by an expert nutritionist and fitness coach called Sabrina Domenosky. You can find more at The product has just gone global and marks the culmination of years working as a personal trainer and owner of various fitness companies in the USA. It's comprehensive, flexible, safe, and perfect for those of you whose key objective is to get fit in order to get more action with the ladies. Hell, that's why I am doing it.
and by the way, no, it's not some New Age, metro-fucking-sexual fad. It is not just a shallow indulgence in holywood superficiality. Because the changes here are healthy. It is about integrating changes in lifestyle and behaviour that make you mentally attractive as well as just physically attractive. In a word, it is The Shit.
But I understand if you are sceptical. It is all very well getting all excited about these things, but the reality is, that you have to stay the course. The key to this is in having a rooted motivation that is not based on anything material. Sure, I want to get fit, because I want to be able to walk into a bar and have women check me out. And I want to be able to feel that if they are not checking me out, that they are idiots. And I can only do this if I look the way I want to look. But I need to dig into the motivation deeper here. The fact is, the success or failure of the project will not be in how many times I get lucky, or how many girls check me out in a supermarket, or how many compliments I get for how much I have changed. The success will be in how I feel about myself. The success will be in creating a solid sense of identity which includes feeling at home and at peace in my own body. It is about being connected. It is about being turned on by yourself. You cannot turn a woman on, if you don’t feel turned on by yourself. What do I mean by that – well isn’t it sad that you even have to ask?
What I mean by that, is that the very fact that you are who you are, the very act of expressing yourself as a man, in a physical body – turns you on. The rush of being alive, of experiencing what it is to be a man, infused with testosterone, and awake to your environment, is what turns you on. And only a woman who can match your energies, who is as comfortable with her femininity as you are with your masculinity; who can relish the physicality of being woman – only that will be good enough for you.
Lots of hippy-style masculinist movements tend to use the term Wild Man. And it seems a little hokey. But I know what they mean. They are referring to the fullest expression of being a man. Not a human being. Not a woman. A MAN. We are chemically different. Our brains are different. Our emotional and spiritual make-up is unique, full of subtleties and sensitivities special to being who and what we are. It is a long time since the experience of being a man has fully been had. I am going to argue this now. Not since the time of the hunter, have we really felt like men.
And for all those who are laughing at, or resisting what I am saying here – where the fuck do you think violence and domestic abuse come from? Why are more men likely to kill themselves than women? Why are most crimes committed by men? Why is it, that young men are far more likely to suffer violent attacks in the street than women?
I’ll tell you why. Because we have been cut off from who we are. We have, for FUCKING CENTURIES, been cut off from reaching our fullest potential. But wait…..before I hear you all scoffing and collapsing into dismissive, reductive arguments to justify your inability and unwillingness to remain open to what I am fucking saying here; I am not saying anything out of the ordinary. I am not talking about some emergent property of masculinity. I am not alluding to some biblical, spiritual quest. I am not, God fucking forbid, postulating entities beyond necessity.
No. I am talking plainly and simply, about your ability to trust your own judgments. I am talking about a very delicate truth about being a man – your sensitivities. I am talking about the sensitivity that comes from being alive, from being aware and connected to your body and your environment. And if this sounds way too wacky and airy-fairy to you – well you are a fucking idiot. Because any evolutionary biologist or neuroscientist, or cognitive scientist, will be able tell you, that whatever consciousness is, the mind has evolved from the need to relate and adapt to that which is within and around us. What you eat, is your environment. What you drink, is your environment. What you THINK, is your goddam environment. So don’t get pissy with me. If you want to talk materialism - I’m game. If you want to talk biology, chemistry, computational neuro-modelling – I’m game. And it won’t change a thing about what I am saying here.
We need to break the cycle. The socially imposed, degenerative deadening of our senses and intuitions. Fuck female intuition. This is human intuition, and it is our birthright. And it is nothing unscientific or weird. It starts with the body. It is exactly that thing which will get you laid, which maintains confidence under pressure, and ultimately what keeps you alive.
So watch me. I need a witness. Papa's got a brand new bag.........

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