Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Erotic Potential

It is difficult to express one's true sexuality in this society because the restrictions on sexuality are so suffocating. It is weird, because men use sexuality as a way of expressing the full spectrum of their emotions. It is the only arena in which men are actively encouraged to unleash their emotions, through safe, tangible, physical friction.

Other forms of emotional dialogue are off limits because the idea of vulnerability is off limits. Despite Feminism, most women don't want their men to express vulnerability either. They long for a man to be sensitive to their needs, but a man who admits to his own range of needs is a very real threat to a woman's desire for security and reliability.

The Patriarchal control of emotions in our society remains untouched by the advances of Feminist thought, and it is this that is so irritating about post-feminist culture. We have only gone so far, but men are still required to play out the same old roles of emotional solidity and physical dependency, while at the same time accepting emotional and sexual freedoms for women that remain inaccessible to us.

There's no point in blaming women for this, but we do owe it to ourselves to take a stand. We must stop living out the repressive patterns of Patriarchy if we are to dissolve the pathologies at the heart of our culture.

We can't wait around for Feminists to allow us to be more emotional. We must have courage to admit our vulnerabilities and be willing to suffer the rejection of women and our male peers, as a result. And this will happen, because most people, male or female, in this culture, are still caught up in Patriarchal ideas of masculinity, of vulnerability and fear of emotional authenticity.

Post-feminism allows us to fool each other into thinking that we have shaken off the shackles of masculine repressiveness. But the fact is, only women have, and even then, it is only to a certain degree, the degree allowed by a conspiracy of corporatised liberation.

Much of our true erotic potential is out of bounds to us, male or female. The reality of our sexual range remains untrodden territory. To unleash our emotional capacity would mean to unleash our fullest spiritual autonomy, and our culture will not accept this. From the top down, we are still driven by fear and egoic control, despite the fact that such a foundation for life has become untenable. Nay, it has become undeniably self-destructive.

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