Saturday, 9 October 2010

Unleash The Poet

It is important for every man to put his sexuality at the heart of his personality. You and your sexuality are one. It is only the Judeo-Christian shame, the centuries of repression and manipulation of your libido, that make you think you need to separate the sexual side of yourself from the rest of who you are. In reality, you ARE your sexuality. There is nothing you can do about it. You can try to hide it, but it will come out, it will present itself eventually, and the more you try to bury it, the more twisted and unhealthy this truth about yourself will become.
Rock stars, actors and performers, have a little more license to express this energy openly. But only on stage. Their stage presence is mesmerising to us, because they are presenting an aspect of themselves that we long to exhibit in ourselves. We need to start having the courage to express ourselves like this all the time. We need to start having the courage let go of any guilt and shame we have about our masculine urges, and to know that this powerful urge within us, this desire to taste the whole of life in one gulp, is actually the most healthy aspect of us. It is the resilient spirit which keeps you and your family alive. It is the energy of the tiger. The bite of the shark. The wrath of nature. We have to make peace with this aspect of ourselves and not pussyfoot around the rawness of being a man.
It is this spirit, and this power which is vital to maintaining life under pressure. When a woman is nurturing a child, who is there to fight off the predators? Who is there to take care of business? Yes women have this energy too, but the man’s role is to manifest it when the woman cannot.
That is why creativity is always attractive, in a man or a woman. That is why The Poet is such a fundamental archetype of masculinity. Because The Poet is a symbol of an uncompromising human energy, an adaptive, BIOLOGICAL force, which guides survival. It is The Poet inside you which makes you think on your feet, which keeps you fresh and responsive to your environment. There would be no survival of the fittest without The Poet. It is a vital energy of being a man, but also of being a human being.
As men it is our job to manifest this energy when the woman is unable to. We have to be out there in the mist, ahead on the path, confronting death, and bringing back anything which will protect the offspring.
We have forgotten the importance of The Poet. We have focused too much on brute strength, when in fact a forthright mental energy is just as important, if not more important, to the survival of the tribe. This was why the shaman was so important in tribal cultures. He or she was given license to explore the unknown, mentally and physically, when other members of the tribe could not. But we are all capable of manifesting this energy, and as men, it is fundamental to who we are as sexual creatures to manifest this energy at certain times. The woman needs to know that we are ready to do it too. She needs to know that you are capable of doing it, when the moment calls for it.
And if you are not in touch with your sexuality, your drives, your raw masculine power, then you definitely will not be. You’ll be too scared of this energy to want to unleash it.

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